Hello readers— Amanda here with another blogpost on all things EMS life!

It’s 2023 (these four digits sound straight out of an 80’s dystopian movie, right?!) which means technology is paramount in our fast-moving society. It feels like there is always a new gadget, widget, or software to learn. It’s all so exciting and bizarre at the same time.

In this blog let’s navigate the not-too-future of EMS. We’ll show you what to expect in let’s say 2030!

Self-driving ambulances

Self driving ambulances can be a possibility in the world of EMS. With the beloved self-driving Tesla car reserved for the bad and bougie, more and more companies are eager to create self-driving automobiles. The new decked out ambulances may offer auto pilot features that have the knowledge to correct driving errors and detect street hazards. With all this new tech, who knows, maybe you’ll miss your partner driving down the highway with her Frozen playlist. Only time will tell.

AI used in dispatch calls

Ring, ring it’s a robot. Many stations across the United States are relying on AI to send dispatch calls and make key decisions via phone call. Some stations report increased call accuracy while others believe the system requires EMTs to rely too heavily on technology.

Rapid testing

Rapid testing advancements will likely speed up blood work tests and other patient assessments. Experts suspect prescreening will occur via mobile phone before an EMT even arrives on the field. Doesn’t that sound efficient?

There you have it folks, some great new features in the world of EMS to look forward to.

Whether you can’t wait for these modern advancements or you’re worried artificial intelligence might make human interaction obsolete, you have to hand it to the human creativity used in hopes of making our job a lot easier.

We’ll see you next time on the blog.

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