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Frequently Asked Questions

The EMS University 24 Hour Refresher Course Meets NREMT Requirements for Recertification.

We want for you to have a great experience taking our courses. Everyday, we strive to offer you the best possible educational material and customer service. We are a customer service driven and oriented training company and will make changes based upon your suggestions. We want you to have a fun time learning and enjoy yourself. All of our classes are fast paced, interactive, and taught by competent instructors.

Recertification Questions:

Does your course meet San Diego County Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA) requirements for recertification?

Yes, we are approved by the San Diego County EMS Authority and hold a current Continuing Education Provider Number. We are also accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Prehospital Continuing Education (CAPCE) to provide NREMT refresher courses. CE hours are approved by San Diego County EMSA and CAPCE concurrently. Students will be issued a course completion certificate which works for both regulatory bodies. You can verify our credentials by visiting the San Diego County EMSA website and clicking on the CE Provider List. You can also verify our CAPCE Accreditation by visiting CAPCE and clicking on the “Providers” link.

Does your course meet National Registry of EMT (NREMT) requirements for recertification?

Yes, as a 24 Hour Emergency Medical Technician Refresher/Transition course as defined in the 2009 National EMS Education Standards, approved by the Commission on Accreditation for Prehospital Continuing Education (CAPCE), we meet NREMT requirements for recertification. Please be advised that the NREMT requires additional hours for recertification. You can get further information by going to the NREMT’s Website.

I’m from out of state or hold certification in a state other than California. How do I become certified to practice as an EMT in California or to recertify my NREMT?

The state of California requires that EMTs certified in another state hold current NREMT certification in order to practice as an EMT in California. Our course meets this requirement. For assistance on recertification requirements in general, please see the San Diego County EMSA website, by Clicking Here.

How long after passing the course will I receive proof of taking the NREMT Refresher Course?

Your course validation certificate will be available immediately upon course completion. Therefore, as soon as you have completed and successfully passed the final examination, you will be issued your validation certificate.

How do I recertify my EMT Certification?

You may recertify as an California EMT by taking our Commission on Accreditation for Prehospital Continuing Education (CAPCE) Approved NREMT Refresher Course. If you are seeking to meet NREMT recertification requirements, you may use our course to satisfy the formal EMT Refresher portion (Section I). Our course is a 24 Hour Emergency Medical Technician Refresher/Transition course as defined in the 2009 National EMS Education Standards, approved by the CAPCE. Additional hours are required for recertification.

What information will be listed on my certification?

The certification will state the name of the student, training program name and number (as authorized by the state), the program director’s signature, and the following topic areas and hours:

Topic Covered Recommended Length
Preparatory 1.0 Hour
Airway 3.0 Hours
Patient Assessment 7.0 Hours
Medical/Behavioral & Obstetrics/Gynecology 6.0 Hours
Trauma 4.0 Hours
Infants & Children 3.0 Hours
Total Hours Covered 24.0 Hours

Do you offer the EMT Challenge Course?


Does your course include Skills Verification, good for San Diego County EMT Recertification?

Yes, students are provided with a Skills Competency Verification form good for recertification as required by the San Diego County EMSA.

My State/County certification lapsed. Can I get it back?

The following information is adapted from the California EMS Authority’s website:

Lapsed certifications may require additional continuing education (CE) as outlined below:

  • For lapses of less than 6 months, 24 hours of CE or 24 hours of an approved refresher course is required with no additional CE
  • For lapses of 6 months to less than 12 months an additional 12 hours of CE for a total of 36 hours of CE is required
  • For lapses of 12 months to less than 24 months an additional 24 hours of CE for a total of 48 hours of CE is required and the applicant must pass the written and skills certification exam.
  • For lapses of 24 months or more, the individual must complete an entire EMT course and successfully pass the written and skills certifying exam and apply with a local EMS agency for certification.

Successful completion of the “EMT Skills Competency Verification Form” EMSA-SCV (07-03) is necessary for lapsed EMT certifications between 0 and 12 months. Click Here for More Information.

Course Questions:

How long is the NREMT Refresher course?

The course is 24 hours, usually spread out over a period of 3 days. On the last day, you will be required to take a state examination to receive course verification that you can use to meet NREMT requirements.

What if I fail the exam?

The score to pass and receive your validation certificate is 75%. You are permitted to take the exam a maximum of 3 times prior to being required to take the course all over again. If you must repeat the course, we can offer you a discounted rate. Ask your instructor for details.

Can you explain what is included in the course?

All classes include didactic, written and audiovisual materials to enhance learning. In addition, there is a written exam required by the state at the end of each course. Passing with a grade of 75% or better is required to obtain your validation certificate. You can see the course summary by clicking here.

What is the cost?

The cost to take one course is $250.00. Also, please keep in mind that we promise the lowest price in San Diego for an EMT Refresher Course. In the event that you find a lower price, we will provide an additional 10% off the competitor’s price. This way you receive the lowest possible price for your recertification.

Registration Questions:

How do I register for the course?

In order to register for the EMT Refresher course, you can call or text us at (800) 728-0209 or Register Online. In order to secure your seat, in the class, you must pay the registration fee.

Payment Questions:

How do I get a receipt for my payment?

The process is simple… You can request this by using the live support chat button, emailing us at or by calling or texting us at (800) 728-0209. Be sure to include the email address, payment method, and the last 4 numbers of your credit card. We try to make it as easy as possible for you. We can email, fax or mail your receipt. The process usually takes 24 hours to complete. If you need it done quicker, calling/texting or using the live support option are the best ways of receiving a rapid response.

It says my payment cannot be accepted, what is the problem?

Most payment issues involve the incorrect identification of a Card Verification Code (CVC) or a Zipcode/Address mismatch. In order to find the correct CVC for your credit or debit card, click here. If you continue to experience issues, you may contact us using the live support chat button, call or text us at (800) 728-0209. We will be happy to review your payment and provide more information.

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