Hey readers, Amanda with EMS University here with another blog to make you think.

This one is for our alumni, the already EMTs out there. You’ve likely clicked on this blog because you know how easy it is just to go along with the motions as an EMT.

Hey, we’re all guilty of it; work is hard and our bodies are exhausted.

But the thing is that as an EMT, you’re expected to be alert every minute on the job. No pressure, right?

So how do you mentally prepare for the daily trials as an EMT?

We’ve listed a few ways to ground yourself and focus on the task at hand.

Read along to learn more.

Practice mindfulness during every shift.

Everyday be mindful as to what you’re doing in the ambulance. Are you just blasting music, totally lost in a world with your partner? Or are you actively engaged with your patient? How do you treat your patients? Are you there to address their needs or do you get frustrated with their constant demands? Your attitude will say a lot about how seriously you take you position.

Go the extra mile for your patient.

Do you re-assess and actively engage your patient throughout their time under your care. Are you mindful to always give an extensive and accurate report to the ED? Remember, these little communications have a lasting impact in your performance as an EMT.

Fuel your body properly.

Taking care of your physical being is essential in such a physically demand job. Do you eat well and get enough sleep? Are you taking care of any sore muscles with massages or ice therapy? If not, you may be missing out on quality regenerative rest.

Be sure to implement the previous three tips and you’ll notice the difference in just one shift.

Thanks for reading along.

EMS University

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